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vital baby® NURTURE™ range

  • R1,044.99

    Vital Baby® NURTURE™ breast-like feeding bottles are:

    Expertly designed to mimic mum’s breast, the teat flexes like mum’s nipple, providing easy latch on.
    Advanced triple anti-colic valves to reduce air intake.
    Silicone is soft and smooth against baby’s delicate face.
    Wide neck bottle is easy to clean and fill.

    Vital Baby® NURTURE™ | Bottle Feeding Gift Set

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  • R29.80

    The vital baby® NURTURE™ ultra comfort breast pads have:

    An absorbent layer to help keep you dry and comfortable day and night.
    Double sticky tabs for security and to help prevent slipping.
    A crinkle-free 3D contour for a natural comfortable fit.
    Soft and breathable fabric with a backing that’s waterproofed to help wick moisture away from the skin.
    Individually packaged for hygiene.

    Vital Baby® NURTURE™ ultra comfort breast pads are disposable. For hygiene and comfort, we recommend that breast pads are replaced regularly.

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    Vital Baby® NURTURE™ | Ultra-Comfort Breast Pads-56 Pack

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  • R221.20

    The leak proof secure seal ensures no milk is lost when storing breast milk in the fridge or freezer and the wide neck and free-standing base of each storage bag makes it easy to fill. Simply remove the pre-perforated tab when you are ready to fill the bag, then pour in your freshly expressed breast milk with ease, and securely lock the freshness into the bag with the easy use zip fastener. It’s as simple as that!

    When you are ready to use the stored breast milk, there is a special easy-pour spout. You re-open the bag by simply cutting along the dotted line, ensuring that your valuable breast milk does not pour over the sealing zip which may have been handled during filling. Our breast milk storage bag avoids possible contamination and maintains a high standard of hygiene, easily and effortlessly.

    There are 30 x 250ml bags in each box, so you can always have breast milk on hand when you need it.

    Vital Baby® NURTURE™ | Easy Pour Breastmilk Storage Bags

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  • R699.40


    When breastfeeding, your nipple naturally flattens when in your baby’s mouth. The vital baby® NURTURE™ breast like teats are designed to mimic breastfeeding, helping avoid bottle confusion and making transition between breast and bottle easier.


    The area around the teat that allows the teat to stretch and flex just like mum, making it more comfortable and natural for baby to feed.


    Healthcare Professionals agree that the most common cause of colic in young babies is as a result of digestive or feeding problems, which can be directly linked to swallowing air when feeding. Air can be ingested by baby when air enters the bottle and mixes with the milk, and also when baby ingests air while feeding from the teat.

    It can be stressful and upsetting for both baby and parents. Typical symptoms of colic include, intense bouts of crying (when they are otherwise well), clenching their fists or drawing up their knees to their tummy.


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    Vital Baby® NURTURE™ | Easy Latch Newborn Starter Set

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Real Moms, You Got This

“The best bottles ever!! Thank goodness I finally found these bottles. My breast fed baby refused 4 different brands over a 6 month period. Then I was recommended to try these and she took to it no problem. Highly recommended!!”

Anneka Cole

vital baby® HYDRATE™ range

vital baby® NOURISH™ range

  • R136.60

    Mealtimes can be fun and stress-free with the vital baby® NOURISH™ power™ suction plate.

    With super suction power, the vital baby® NOURISH™ power™ suction plate has been designed to help prevent tipping and spills. It sticks* to your baby’s highchair or a table with super suction power, and has been proven** to have the strongest suction pad available.

    Easy to use, simply place this baby plate on a table or highchair tray and twist for less mess and less stress at mealtimes!

    The deep scooped sides help your little one to gain confidence with self-feeding from their own ‘grown up’ plate, and the integrated pot is ideal for dipping food into your baby’s favourite sauce or dip.


    Vital Baby® NOURISH™ Power™ | Suction Plate

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  • R164.60

    With powerful super suction, the vital baby® NOURISH™ power™ suction bowl has been designed with scooped sides to help prevent tipping, spills and splats! This baby feeding bowl sticks* to your baby’s highchair or your kitchen table, and has been proven** to have the strongest suction pad.

    Simply place it on a table or baby’s highchair tray, flip and twist for less mealtime mess and stress!

    With scooped sides, this baby and toddler bowl helps your little one gain cutlery skills so they will soon be self-feeding with confidence. The built – in channels guide food to the front of the bowl making it easy for baby to scoop their food. With its very own hygienic spoon cover, chunky feeding spoon and lid included inside, we think this baby bowl is one of the best weaning products out there and is the perfect solution to messy mealtimes!

    The vital baby® NOURISH™ power™ suction bowl is perfect for early stages of weaning through to when baby wants to start feeding themselves, and for baby-led weaning. It compliments the rest of our baby feeding and weaning range, including baby bowls, toddler plates, snack pots, and baby and toddler cutlery.


    Vital Baby® NOURISH™ Power™ | Suction Bowl

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  • R91.80

    Vital Baby® NOURISH™ Start Weaning Spoons

    When you choose to wean your baby, the vital baby® NOURISH™ start weaning spoons are the perfect choice for your baby. Designed for 1st stage weaning, these baby weaning spoons have a narrow soft tip, small enough to fit into baby’s mouth easily, and shallow to allow for only small amounts of baby food, to ease them gently into their weaning journey.

    Made from soft and flexible materials, these baby spoons are kind on little mouths and tender gums.

    The easy grip long handle makes them comfortable for both you and your baby to hold, and ensures you can reach into long jars and containers with ease. The vital baby® NOURISH™ start weaning spoons have the added benefit of a built-in hygiene rest to keep the tip of the baby spoon off any surface and away from nasty germs and bacteria.

    These baby spoons are ideal for when you start weaning your baby, for baby’s first foods – both purees and solids.

    2 in stock

    Vital Baby® NOURISH™ | Start Weaning Spoons 5-pack

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  • R125.90

    The vital baby® NOURISH growing up angled cutlery set is. perfect for helping your toddler master ‘grown up’ cutlery skills.


    Vital Baby® NOURISH™ | Growing Up Angled Cutlery Set

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“My milk has come in crazy amounts after just a few days of using this pump! It’s comfy (as much as it could be!) and the different levels help me adapt to how I’m feeling. Amazing!”

Sarah Cox

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